Santa Maria Bay:

A piece of Italy on the Black Sea. The exclusive community you’ll want to call home.

At Santa Maria Bay, you can escape the pressures of the world and take a deep breath of fresh ocean air. Overlooking the magnificent Black Sea shoreline, each Italian-style villa captures one of the best panoramic views imaginable. The crashing waves against the shore, the crisp air, and the open streets make this neighborhood truly an experience to remember.

The Villas at Santa Maria Bay are a true passion project of their owners. When developing this estate, we wanted to stay faithful to the Italian Mediterranean style of their home by developing authentic Italian-style villas, complete with the rustic and artistic aesthetic visitors from around the world have come to adore. Mediterranean tradition and scenic views of the Black Sea fuse together to produce a unique living experience not found anywhere else.

When walking down the streets between the villas, you will feel like you are a part of a warm, welcoming community where everyone looks out and cares for one another— something that is missing from so many generic resort towns.

Whether residing fulltime, coming to Constanta on business or relaxation on holiday, you’ll feel comfortable and at home in the cozy Santa Maria Bay Villas.

The Villas

Villa A – 430 SM

Villa B – 320 SM

Villa C – 320 SM

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